Spear Program Phase 2 Begins

10/29/11 – It was announced on the Caid-Rapier Yahoo List that Phase 2 of the Experimental Rapier Spear Program was approved at the society level today.

The focus on this phase is to incorporate a new method of authorization for spear simulators on the melee field.  No other changes from the rules of operation under Phase 1 were announced. The approved program is posted in the Files section of the Caid-Rapier Yahoogroup.

Anyone with questions should seek out the program sponsors, THL Meala Caimbeul and Don Oliver Dogberry, or Don Lot Ramirez, the Deputy KRM for Experimental Programs.

Have Fun Spearing Folks!

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About Lot

Don Lot Ramirez is the Captain of the White Star and a Companion of the White Scarf of Caid among other awards, including the Vanguard of Honor and Legion of Courtesy. Mundanely, Jeff is an Online Colorist at Sonicpool in Hollywood, and he teaches classes in Historical Western Martial Arts at the Tattershall School of Defense, in Long Beach, CA.

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