Fall Queen’s Champion Cancelled

Queen’s Champion event was cancelled this past weekend due to rain and sloppy conditions.  I know this is probably the best course of action on behalf of all parties, the park certainly didn’t want us to tear up the wet, sloppy ground, the dangers of injury increase with poor footing, and I know that I, for one, hate taking out my nice steel swords in wet conditions (the maintenance on that gets nasty).  But, I can’t help feeling saddened by the cancellation.

Firstly, I know that a lot of work went into setting up the event, finding the site, making all the arrangements, and it’s certainly got to be disappointing for those who went through all the hassles to see the event get pulled.  I wonder if the park refunds the rental fee… Beyond all that and the normal disappointments, this is Queen’s Champion.  For us, especially, as rapier fighters, this is the big day.  The day filled with pomp and anticipation.  We don’t have Crown, this is what we fight for.  I always get geeked up for this one.  All of the pageantry of the day, the Queen’s Guard v. White Scarves melee, the finals of the tourney, I love that feeling.

I am sure that eventually the tourney will be rescheduled, but for this week, I feel lessened.

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About Lot

Don Lot Ramirez is the Captain of the White Star and a Companion of the White Scarf of Caid among other awards, including the Vanguard of Honor and Legion of Courtesy. Mundanely, Jeff is an Online Colorist at Sonicpool in Hollywood, and he teaches classes in Historical Western Martial Arts at the Tattershall School of Defense, in Long Beach, CA.

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