Don Lot Ramirez

Don Lot Ramirez captains the Good Ship White Star, a merchanteer vessel in employ of the Italian Di Cellini Merchant Fleet. Having been sent off to open new trade arrangements by the head of the household THL Dianora Lizavetta di Cellini, he and his wife, Caterina di Cellini, set up a new port in Cadiz. There he and his crew sail mainly as merchants, but will rally to the defence of the kingdom’s to which they are loyal. Originally from the Principality of Northshield, Lot now lives in the Kingdom of Caid, where he has gained many honors, including being made a Companion of the Order of the White Scarf of Caid. He remains fiercely loyal to both of his homelands.

Jeff Jacobson has been fencing since 1995, inside and outside the SCA, along the way he has had the opportunity to learn from many great teachers. In 2000, he dedicated himself to studying historical combat treatises under Gary Chelak (SCA: Maestro Giacomo Cavalli da Treviso). He is mostly focused on Italian styles of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, but also studies and teaches German rapier and longsword. He loves to teach and is always willing to engage in conversation about fencing technique and application. He regularly attends practices in the downtown area (Lyondemere, Gyldenholt and Angels), but is willing to travel to teach if people wish to arrange a seminar or class with their local group. He can also be found teaching at the Tattershall School of Defence (Fullerton, CA) on Thursday evenings.

Don Todde Mac Donnell

Todde mac Donnell is a private agent of the Earl of Cassilis at the markets of Bruges in the late 1560’s. His primary duties are selling the wool from His Excellency’s flocks at a good price, and seeing the wealth returned on a ship loaded with profitable goods and whatever luxuries the Earl desires. As this work puts ten thousand marks in his hands for a few short weeks, Todde spends the prior months arranging profitable orders and sales. If he can string together a few prudent trades while dodging religious riots and overzealous Spanish magistrates, the profits will fund the Calix Inundans Company’s growing ventures all year.

Todde spends the rest of the year attending to his lovely Venetian wife Mora, dabbling in leatherwork, practicing his rapier, and traveling fairly regularly to Spain and Caid to investigate business opportunities. Calix Inundans keeps its Mediterranean warehouse in Cadiz, down the street from the Inn of the Crimson Spade, the better to um, provide the Earl with his luxuries.

Jon Getty got into the SCA during a 3-month spell when he had just moved to California, was living on his own, had no TV hookup, and was bored out of his gourd. He actually got into the SCA to do crafts and persona, but picked up fencing while waiting for an A&S class to start. In the real world, he’s a Ph.D. semiconductor engineer working on infrared cameras, an underslept new dad, the host of a weekly boardgame night (every Friday at 8), and the really lucky husband of a totally hot mama. He loves outdoorsy stuff and pickup sports that aren’t basketball (me like hockey!), but somehow the SCA cuts into that.

Lady Enid Gwyr

Enid Gwyr is a Welsh merchant’s daughter from the Gower peninsula. She was raised in a convent, where the sisters of St. Mabyn’s ensured she had a thorough education in double-book keeping, the scribal arts, and other things her parents probably wouldn’t approve of.

Ostensibly on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Enid has been… somewhat sidetracked. Frequently. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want to get there at all. Enid’s travels took her to Cadiz, where she took up with a somewhat reputable merchant household and was quickly betrothed to a sailor on the White Star. She is also currently the student of Don Laertes MacBride, which has done much to restrain her more unladylike traits.

Sarah Day got sucked into the SCA by a college roommate and has been fencing ever since. She also chronicles her journey as a rapier fighter on her personal blog.

Lady Zhivana Igorevna Khlebnikova

Zhivana was born and raised in Novgorod, Rus, where she spent her childhood dreaming of adventure and sneaking down to the docks to talk to the sailors. The only daughter of the family, she first picked up a sword playing soldier with her four brothers. She was married and widowed in the same year when plague struck her hometown, and lives now with her aging mother. With all her brothers off fighting in the army, Zhivana helps her mother run the home and still sneaks down to talk to sailors whenever she can. She met the crew of the White Star a couple years ago when they were in port trading spices for furs and beeswax, and quickly made friends. Zhivana can often be found wintering in Cadiz, where she studies fencing under the tutelage of Don Todde Mac Donnell and enjoys the mild weather. She recently joined the White Star Marines, hoping to fulfill her childhood dream of adventure.


Kirsten Ream cunningly infiltrated the SCA in college and quickly fell in love with fencing. She enjoys the practical application of historical techniques, long discussions of melee tactics, and dabbling in a variety of crafts. Her SCA dream is to help fencers of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds get along and have fun, preferably in a fantastically epic melee.

The articles that will be posted here are privately-created works, and their respective authors are proud to share their own opinions. These have not been, and probably will not be endorsed by the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). The contents of this blog are not designed to and do not provide medical nor architectural advice to the readers, but will do their darndest to persuade you to extend your arm before you lunge.


Recent Posts

Fall Queen’s Champion Cancelled

Queen’s Champion event was cancelled this past weekend due to rain and sloppy conditions.  I know this is probably the best course of action on behalf of all parties, the park certainly didn’t want us to tear up the wet, sloppy ground, the dangers of injury increase with poor footing, and I know that I, for one, hate taking out my nice steel swords in wet conditions (the maintenance on that gets nasty).  But, I can’t help feeling saddened by the cancellation.

Firstly, I know that a lot of work went into setting up the event, finding the site, making all the arrangements, and it’s certainly got to be disappointing for those who went through all the hassles to see the event get pulled.  I wonder if the park refunds the rental fee… Beyond all that and the normal disappointments, this is Queen’s Champion.  For us, especially, as rapier fighters, this is the big day.  The day filled with pomp and anticipation.  We don’t have Crown, this is what we fight for.  I always get geeked up for this one.  All of the pageantry of the day, the Queen’s Guard v. White Scarves melee, the finals of the tourney, I love that feeling.

I am sure that eventually the tourney will be rescheduled, but for this week, I feel lessened.

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